Title and Registration

Initial Vehicle Registration

Initial registration is handled by your dealer at delivery. If you have purchased your vehicle, the renewal process is handled directly with your local Motor Vehicle Agency.

Registration Renewal

New Jersey – NJ Motor Vehicle Commission will send your registration application to Hann Financial, and we will forward it to you. Follow the instructions and mail the application as directed to Motor Vehicle along with your fee. The registration will be sent to Hann Financial and, upon receipt, we will forward it to you immediately.
New York & Pennsylvania – You will receive registration materials directly from the Motor Vehicle Agency.
Connecticut – When Hann receives the registration application, which includes the new registration, we will send this to you. The middle part of the 3 part application is the new registration, which you must keep. Return the bottom portion of the renewal application with payment to DMV or renew online. If there are no outstanding issues the registration will be renewed. The top portion of the renewal application will indicate any outstanding issues which must be resolved before renewing registration. You may call or send an email to DMV to ensure registration has been renewed – about 10 days after submitting online.

Lost Registration

Please contact our Title and Registration Department at 609.235.2143. Our representatives will be happy to assist and provide you with any of the necessary documentation.

Receipt of Title After Purchase

Release of title after purchase is determined by manner of payment. Once you receive your title, you must take it to your local motor vehicle agency within 10 days to transfer ownership.
Bank or Certified Check – Approximately 3 days after receipt of payment
Other Payment Types – Up to 3 weeks after receipt of payment