End of Lease

A member of our team will contact you before the end of your lease to review your options. Or you may reach out to us at 888.731.3420..


Purchase -

Your vehicle can be purchased by you or any dealership of your choosing. Purchasing will allow you to avoid any end of lease charges that would be due if you return the vehicle. If you intend to purchase and require financing, we recommend that you allow at least 2 weeks to obtain financing from the lending institution of your choice. Hann does not provide direct vehicle financing.

Please be sure to have your account number with you during any consultation with a lender or a dealer so you can obtain an updated payoff quote on our website or using our automated telephone system. Get Payoff Quote.

Return Your Vehicle -

If you decide to return the vehicle, we will arrange a convenient appointment to pick it up from you, as per the terms of your lease. Do not leave your leased vehicle at a dealer unless directed to do so by Hann Financial. Arrange for Vehicle Return.

Vehicle Inspection and Return

Although most vehicles returned to us incur no charges for excess wear or use, you may elect to have an inspection performed prior to the return of your leased vehicle. We recommend that you make these arrangements about a month in advance of your maturity date to allow the company you select the ability to complete your appointment prior to the end of your lease.

We make no recommendations as to selection of vehicle appraisers. They should be licensed by the state you reside in to ensure that the report can be considered relevant.

If necessary, upon receipt vehicles are inspected by an independent appraiser. The appraiser assesses the vehicle and provides a vehicle condition report with pictures of any vehicle damage. Hann will then render a final statement of account and will mail it to you


After your vehicle is returned and the vehicle is inspected, a statement of account will be mailed to you including all of the following:

Disposition Fee -

This charge applies to vehicles that are returned and can be found in your lease agreement (See Item 7). The charge is designed to offset expenses associated with the sale of the vehicle.

Excess Mileage -

See your lease agreement for the amount of mileage allowed in the lease, and the charge for each mile in excess of that amount. These charges are subject to sales tax.

Excess Wear and Use -

If applicable, only an authorized independent, licensed appraiser can determine these items and the charges due. These charges are subject to sales tax. Hann will waive up to $500 in assessed damage and will credit this amount to your final bill. Descriptions of Excess Wear and Use

Late And Other Charges -

Any charges, administrative fees, other miscellaneous fees, and any excise or personal property taxes assessed during the life of the lease that remain unpaid are included in the final statement.

Vehicle Turn In Checklist

Approx. 1 month prior to desired date of vehicle return:

  • Arrange for inspection by independent appraiser (Optional) - Schedule and complete prior to date of vehicle pick up.
  • Ensure that Hann has proper contact information. Confirm that your home phone number, business phone number, and home address are accurate. Sign in to your account on our website to update this information.

Approximately 2 weeks prior to desired date of pick up, or sooner:

  • Inform us that you wish to return vehicle – Use our online form or call us at 888.731.3420. Provide desired location for vehicle pick up, contact preferences, and desired date of pick up.

Prior to desired date of pick up:

  • Expect contact from our transport coordination company, Ready Auto Transport. (Be on the lookout for a call from a 480 area code!)

In preparation for vehicle pick up:

  • Place all accessories in the vehicle. As applicable, vehicle equipment, keys/remotes, owner’s manual, jack, spare tire, CD cartridge, removable seats, headrests, cargo cover, hardtops, and/or soft tops.
  • Remove all personal items from the vehicle. To name a few: EZ Pass tags, garage door openers, CDs, DVDs, sunglasses
  • Remove license plates (for all customers outside of NJ). NJ Customers – leave plates on vehicle.

Immediately after vehicle pick up:

  • Terminate insurance coverage.
  • Return license plates to local motor vehicle agency (for all customers outside of NJ)
  • Send copy of plate return receipt (CT customers) or Registration Cancellation (MA customers) to Hann Financial.

Approximately 10 days after vehicle pick up:

  • Expect final statement of account to be delivered to you by mail, to include any contractual disposition fee, charge for excess mileage, charge for any damage, late or other charges uncollected during the lease, and sales tax as applicable.